Calan (Verapamil)
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Product description: Calan is a calcium channel blocker which is used to treat high blood pressure (hypertension), to prevent chest pain (angina), and to control heart rate.
Active Ingredient: Verapamil
Calan as known as: Novo-veramil, Verisop, Geangin, Ikacor, Vera-ct, Isoptina sr, Securon, Rositol, Cardinorm, Lodixal, Veraken, Verabeta, Flamon, Vera-lich, Isoptine, Vasomil, Veratide, Veramex, Angimon, Durasoptin, Hexasoptin, Verap, Verasal, Cronovera, Veroptinstada, Fibrocard, Verasol, Ikapress, Half securon, Falicard, Verapal, Veracal, Verdilac, Vérapamil, Azupamil, Tarka, Verapil, Tricen, Raserpamil, Quindura, Lekoptin, Cardiover, Anpec, Isoptina, Akilen, Calaptin, Confit, Verapress, Veramil, Verakard, Presocor, Vasolan, Cardiolen, Bosoptin, Vertab, Zolvera, Vera, Cardioprotect, Veranorm, Veratad, Izopamil, Apo-verap, Hormitol, Manidon, Isocor, Cordimil, Dilacoron, Verelan, Verahexal, Veragamma, Veraloc, Veraptin, Covera-hs, Veral, Verapamilo, Cordichin, Isoptino, Verapabene, Verpamil, Magotiron, Cordamil, Veracor, Finoptin, Dilacoran, Caveril, Veracapt, Veracaps sr, Vera heumann, Staveran, Cordilox, Verapamilum, Verogalid, Univer

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