Proventil (Albuterol)
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Product description: Proventil is commonly used to prevent or treat airway spasms in people with asthma or certain other conditions.
Active Ingredient: Albuterol
Proventil as known as: Dandum, Broncobutol, Etinoline, Ecosal, Durasal, Ventmax, Salbron, Unibron, Medolin, Chiborin, Broncodil, Pulvinal salbutamol, Azmasol, Tolin, Asmalin, Asnil, Provexel, Asmovent, Salgim, Pulmolin, Salbulis, Salbuvent, Salbuven, Bemin, Respiroma, Epaq, Butamol, Servitamol, Butotal, Venteze, Salbutral, Brusal, Benareal, Salustin cr, Broncho, Butahale, Hasalbu, Aerojet, Aero-sal, Sulbion, Venetlin, Astalin, Azmet, Asmolex, Salburin, Ontril, Ventisal, Duopack, Aerolin, Yontal, Resdil, Salmol, Aerol, Salbut, Actolin, Salbusandoz, Ventar, Salbu, Buto-as, Butovent, Microterol, Nebutrax, Brolax, Aeroflux, Inbumed, Aldobronquial, Salburol, Cybutol, Ventol, Medihaler, Butalin, Ventomax, Fesema, Albutol, Ciplabutol idm, Salbutis, Brodil, Respiret, Asmacare, Asthavent, Salbulair, Salbutamolo, Ventilan, Asthmotrat, Bronsidal, Salbutol, Salomax, Salmaplon, Respolin, Salbufar, Salbunova, Broad, Aerovent, Salbutamolum, Salbodil, Azmacon, Bropil, Salbutamolsulfat, Asmatol, Ventilastin, Salsol, Buventol easyhaler, Apsomol, Aloprol, Venol, Bronchospray, Fartolin, Amocasin, Asul, Hivent, Ciplabutol, Salbetol, Accuneb, Gerivent, Bronkolax, Velaspir, Suprasma, Bronchosal, Ventoline, Vent-o-sal, Ecovent, Salbumol, Asmol, Salbit, Salbutan, Salbulin, Vospire er, Renapirin ds, Salbutam, Pentamol, Windel, Buto asma, Salbutal, Salbulind, Derihaler, Lasal, As tazis, Spalmotil, Pädiamol, Buventol, Rhinol, Salden, Vifex, Asmadil, Saltos, Airmax, Normobron, Salapin, Ventimax, Ecutamolfarbutamol, Sultolin, Salbutamed, Venderol, Butuhale, Salbumed, Bronchovent, Ventamol, Etol, Alvolex, Neoventil, Salmolin

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